Mains Toilet Blocks

Mains Toilet Blocks

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Our mains toilet blocks are available in different combinations of toilets and urinals for building and construction sites on long term hire. These can be in formations of 2+1 (two male cubicles, two urinals and one female) and 3+1 (three male cubicles, three urinals and one female). Alternatively these units can be all female or all male.

These mains toilet blocks are anti vandal jack leg and are transported by a hi-ab lorry. Mains toilet blocks must be connected to a sewage connection, mains water supply and be electrically powered.

Ex-Event Mains Toilet Blocks

If you wish to hire a higher standard of mains toilet block for long term hire for schools, temporary toilet blocks for office or general public use we have a range of ex-event hire units which are towable units.

These toilet blocks are available in the formations, 2+1 (two female toilets, one male toilet and two urinals), 3+1 (three female toilets, one male toilet and three urinals), 3+2 (three female toilets, two male toilets and three urinals) and 4+2 (four female toilets, two male toilets and four urinals).

The ex-event mains toilet blocks can be recirculating units, with an integrated waste tank (which would require a weekly or ad-hoc tanker empty) or connected to a mains sewage and power. If they are left as recirculating units they need to be connected to power in order for the lights and hot water supply to work.

Using the mains toilet block as a recirculating system

Alternatively Site Equip can provide you with a 300 gallon or 500 gallon waste tank which can be connected to the unit.

In addition we can supply a clean water bowser and electrical pump. The waste tank would need to be emptied by our liquid waste disposal service using one of our 2000 galloon tankers, this can be scheduled on a weekly or ad-hoc basis.

The main toilet block is fitted out with contemporary ceramic sanitary ware, hot and cold hand wash temperatures with anti frost heaters and lighting. All to health and safety executive standards to ensure your welfare and sanitation reached the legal requirements.