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Tanker Servicing from Site Equip

Site Equip have 30 years of experience in wet waste removal and tanker servicing, providing a fast, well equipped vacuum tanker fleet for all environmental services.

Drilling Slurry

Our tanker servicing is able to remove drilling slurry. Drilling slurry is the by-product of mining & drilling operations which in turn create a suspended mix of mud, water & waste material which has been drilled & needs tankering away from the site. There are very few sewage disposal sites which can take this type slurry however we have agreements in place to ensure it is disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Sludge’s & Leachates

With Site Equip’s powerful vacuum tankers are built to move large amounts of sludge & thick waste of up to 50m when needed. Our vacuum tankers are able to remove all manner of silt, wet wells, digesters, klargesters as well as many more liquid wastes. With our tanker servicing, this enables us to thick sludge from the bottom of cesspits, industrial sites & many other locations where sludge’s can form. This is all then disposed of safely, legally & ethically at local sewage works across the UK.

Septic & Toilet Block Waste Removal

We offer wet waste removal for large toilet blocks up to 3000 gallons at any one time. This is often the case on construction sites where there is a toilet block or cabin situated over a large waste tank for long term projects. For these toilet blocks we use our 26T vacuum tankers which can hold large amounts of waste so it is just one visit to site. If access is an issue for larger vehicles we also have a fleet of smaller 3.5T & 7.5T vehicles & also some 4×4 defenders for the trickiest of places.

We can offer this wet waste removal service on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly service.

If you need the large waste tanks as well as the emptying we also offer these waste tanks for hire.

Cesspit Emptying Services

Site Equip offer cesspit emptying services of up to 2,800 gallons of waste.

Large Water Refills

At site equip we don’t just offer wet waste removal services we can also offer large bulk water deliveries to your event or construction site. This case often be the case for larger welfare units which can hold up to 1500 litres of fresh water. We are able to offer large portable water up to 1800L in volume at any one time for all your construction & event needs.


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