Luxury Vacuum Toilet Pods

Luxury Vacuum Toilet Pods

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Luxury Vacuum Toilet Pods

Site Event’s sister company Site Build have manufactured state of the art vacuum flush system incorporated into luxury 6 bay vacuum toilet pods for the high end market and a stripped back version, the 3 bay vacuum pods for the mass market.

Vacuum Toilet Pod Features;

Environmentally Friendly

With state of the art vacuum system, the vacuum pods tick all the environmentally friendly credentials. Similar to toilets on a airplane, they do not have any chemicals within them, use 0.5L of fresh or recycled gray water, reduces carbon footprints, by delivering numerous on one load and can be efficiently serviced with no downtime to the end user.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Due to the design of the vacuum pods, we can deliver large numbers on one transport load. 4 x luxury 6 bay toilet pods and 10 x 3 bay vacuum pods can be delivered on one load. Drastically reducing not only the transport costs but also our carbon footprint.

Reduces Water Consumption

The vacuum system only requires 0.5L of water to flush each pan, compared with 6-9L in a conventional toilet. Additionally if your event has showers on site, we can recycle the gray water from the showers into the toilets, to reduce your events water consumption.

Zero Chemicals

We offer fresh water flush toilets, meaning no undesirable blue chemicals within the units.


All our luxury vacuum toilet pods can be daisy chained together, and vacuumed away to a waste tank, up to 100 meters away, back of house.

No Downtime

The waste is vacuum pumped away to a back of house waste tank, which is then emptied on average within 3 minutes. This means the service engineers do not need to shut down the toilets tin order to service and emptied them.

SiteSan Added Protection from COVID-19 Coronavirus

With effect from 28th September, all Toilet Hire will include pre-delivery & off-hire/collection sanitisation with SiteSan Disinfectant Spray Mist

SiteSan is proven to be effective against Coronavirus, providing an extra layer of defence against the spread of this deadly virus.

Whilst there is a small additional cost, we feel sure you will agree that the benefits are priceless.  From only £3.00 per toilet and invoiced once your online order has been placed. SiteSan will also be applied during servicing.

Site-San Disinfectant Spray Mist –

Please contact our Customer Support Team if you would like further information on this service.

To enquire about our Luxury Vacuum Toilet Pods please call our friendly event sales team on 0800 371 994 or fill out an enquiry form today.