Luxury Toilet Trailer Hire

Luxury Toilet Trailer Hire

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Luxury Toilet Trailer Hire

Site Event’s luxury toilet trailer hire is perfect for those special days including sporting events, festivals or corporate event. They have a clean, contemporary finish inside and out, fitted with top of the range interior furnishings, offering the maximum comfort. These can be comprised as all female or all male units or alternative mixed gender units with a door separating both in between. We are able to supply luxury toilet trailer hire to suit your guest requirements from 100 up to 400 people per trailer. The beauty of hiring you luxury toilet trailer from Site Event is that we manufacture all our trailers in house. This  ensures the highest standard of quality and providing you with 24/7 support from the technicians who built the trailers. For more information about which trailer would be suited to your requirements, please see our toilet guide calculator.

The Luxury Toilet Trailer Hire Product Range Includes;

1 + 1 Luxury Toilet Trailer

The 1+1 is suitable up to 120 guests over an 8 hour period. The unit comprises of one female toilet and one male toilet. The unit can be all male or all female.

3+1 Luxury Toilet Trailer

The 3+1 is suitable for up to 200 guest over an 8 hour period. The unit comprises of three female toilets, one male toilet and three urinals. The 3+1 trailer has a luxurious feel and white exterior to blend in next to your marquee.

4+2 Luxury Toilet Trailer

The 4+2 unit is suitable for up to 300 guests over an 8 hour period. This unit includes; four female toilets, two male toilets and four urinals, alternatively the unit can be adapted to all female or all male. This is the perfect unit for a large amount of VIP guests.

5+2 Luxury Toilet Trailer

The 5+2 is suitable for up to 350 guests over the duration of 8 hours. The unit includes; five female toilets, two male toilets and three urinals. This unit can be converted into an all female or all male unit, perfect for those larger corporate events.

SiteSan Added Protection from COVID-19 Coronavirus

With effect from 28th September, all Toilet Hire will include sanitisation with SiteSan Disinfectant Spray Mist.

SiteSan is proven to be effective against Coronavirus, providing an extra layer of defence against the spread of this deadly virus.

Whilst there is a small additional cost, we feel sure you will agree that the benefits are priceless.  From only £3.00 per toilet and invoiced once your online order has been placed.

Site-San Disinfectant Spray Mist –

Please contact our Customer Support Team if you would like further information on this service.

Luxury Toilet Trailer Hire Coverage

From our four depots, Site Event can cover the South of England Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, London, Oxfordshire, Kent, Essex, Dorset, Buckinghamshire and Wiltshire.