Hand Wash Stations

Hand Wash Stations

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Hand Wash Stations

Hand Wash and Hand Sanitiser Stations can be supplied for both short term and longer term hire and are ideal for use in high traffic public areas and events, both inside and outdoors.

Clean hands are safe hands – thorough hand washing and anti-bacterial foam use can help reduce the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19, together with other types of bacteria.

Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser Station

New to our range of Hand Sanitisers is our Wall Mountable Hand Sanitiser Station Hire.  Designed for easy installation with fittings supplied.

Wall Mountable Hand Sanitiser Stations are ideal for positioning in areas where there is passing footfall. Supplied with a refillable Dispenser.

2 Bay Hand Sanitiser Station

The2 Bay Hand Sanitiser Station is lightweight, compact, yet sturdy and is supplied with 2 x fitted refillable dispensers.

This Sanitiser Station can be located either indoors or outdoors and can easily be moved from one location to another, for maximum siting flexibility.

Mobile 4 Bay Hand Sanitiser Stations

The 4 Bay Mobile Hand Sanitiser Station is constructed of durable ridged white GRP. The 4 pivoting wheels make the station easy to move from one location to another. The Station’s sturdy yet portable & lightweight design makes it ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. Supplied complete with 4 x Dispensers.

Mobile 8 Bay Hand Sanitiser Stations

The 8 Bay Mobile Hand Sanitiser Station is delivered complete with 8 x full antibacterial foam dispensers.  The Sanitiser Station is supplied fully assembled and ready to be put into action. Constructed of durable ridged white GRP, with 4 pivoting wheels on the base for ease of movement and siting.

The sturdy yet portable lightweight design makes it ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.  The Station can easily be moved from one location to another, providing hand-health coverage and flexibility of re-siting to another location as/where needed.

Hand Sanitiser Station

The original Hand Sanitiser Station is made of one piece durable ridged grey plastic and stands around 1.5 meters high. Its sturdy tip resistant design means that it is not naturally prone to wobble, although there is the option to fill the base section with water to provide additional weight and prevent any toppling over.

Underneath the wide weather proof, mushroom shaped, weather protector guards sit the 4 position soap dispensers. The actual height of the dispensers is set at 42 inches, therefore accessible to most, including smallish children!

Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser

5L Bottles of 70% Alcohol Hand Gel is now available to purchase when hiring or buying any Hand Sanitiser Station.

Cold Water Hand Washing Station

The cold water hand washing station is a free standing unit which is feed cold from a tap or hose. The unit combines six taps, a perfect hand washing station for a large event or an event which requires a high level of cleanliness, particularly around animals or food.

The self closing taps ensure water is not wasted and can not be continually run. Site Event can also provide a stand with a soap dispenser which complements this cold water hand washing station.

Cold or Hot Water Hand Wash Station

Site Equip’s newest addition to our COVID-19 Range of products and ideal for long term hire on larger Construction and Building Sites.

Each of the 8 illuminated bays is fitted with a Tap (cold or hot water), together with 2 x additional Drinking Water/Bottle Refill taps



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